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Comparing Streaming Service Library Sizes (USA)
Updated monthly.

Comparing Size of Streaming Services

Comparing Size of Streaming Services

We thought it would be fascinating to compare the size of each major streaming service's library. Updated monthly.

We thought it would be fascinating to compare the size of each major streaming service’s library. Thanks to JustWatch for the data.

Data current as of August 29th.

Streaming ServiceTitles
Amazon Prime Video7,541
HBO Max2,745


“Quality over quantity” is what Disney+ has said in the past, but regardless of that spin, scale matters. It’s why WarnerMedia and Discovery are combining. It’s why Comcast and ViacomCBS are constantly talking about mergers and acquisitions.

Streaming services need to have a variety of content in many genres and for tons of different types of people. Disney+ doesn’t do very well in this regard because the library is highly restricted, not allowing TV-MA series or Rated R films. Despite these restrictions, Disney additionally gatekeeps their TV-14 series, assigning most to Hulu and chooses not to stream most PG-13 films unless they fit into the superhero genre.

What this information shows is that Disney+ has the smallest library of the major streamers by a longshot. As Disney continues to raise its price over time, the value of the library is going to shrink. Quality originals are a huge positive, but as Disney gets closer to charging the same other services do that provide 1000+ more titles the subscription is going to start feeling more like an obligation for Marvel fans versus a worthwhile expense.

Since Disney is the only major service that isn’t “General Entertainment” it feels to some analysts it should be classified as a niche service like Noggin (which should not exist anymore), Boomerang (which has no business existing anymore), or BET+.

I also included smaller services (mini-majors) such as Starz and Showtime to show that Disney’s library is beating somebody! We think Chapek will fix this eventually. Launching STAR overseas shows he understands Disney CAN utilize Rated R content.

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