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Disney Content Still Exclusive To DisneyNow

Disney Titles Exclusive to DisneyNow

Thanks to Reddit’s Nathan Gamerdog for requesting this new page! Despite streaming and Disney+ being Disney’s #1 priority, we’ve been perturbed by the amount of content remaining exclusive to cable on-demand customers. We’ve watched as countless things have gone up for expiration and been renewed instead of transitioning to Disney+.

Now, you can follow along and see all the content Disney still needs to add to Disney+ instead of streaming through antiquated DisneyNow. You’ll realize quickly when it comes to shorts Disney+ content team have a big problem. Note that a handful of these shorts series appear to be on temporary loan / license from outside studios and thus will never come to Disney+. In our opinion those are the only ones that should still be on DisneyNow!

Updated October 14, 2021!


As Told By Emoji
Be Your Best Snackdown
Big Block Singalong
Broken Karaoke
Bunnytown – Series is not available
Chibi Tiny Tales
Dicover Your Voice
Disney Magic Moments
Disney Animals (Seasons 1-4)
DJ Melodies
Francy Nancy: Fancy It Yourself (Season 2)
Handy Manny: School for Tools
Learn to Draw
Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight
Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity-Dog Tales
Mrs, Tilly’s Fun Time TV
Nina Needs To Go
Piny the Lonesome Pine
Random Rings
Ruth & Ruby’s Virtual Sleepover Challenges
Shake Your Tail With Chip N Dale
Shanna’s Show
Snow Snaps
Star Wars Bucket’s List
Star Wars By The Numbers
Star Wars Galactic Builders
Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures
Star Wars In Under 5 Minutes
Sunny Bunnies
TOTS: Calling All TOTS (Season 2)
Toon Bops
Tsum Tsum
Two More Eggs
Use Your Voice
Whisker Haven Tales
Yup Yups
Zombies: Addison’s Moonstone Mystery (Season 2)

Obviously this is a horrible amount of content still stuck on DisneyNow. They dramatically need to ramp up the pace of adding the shorts.

Series / Films / Specials

Almost Never
Big City Greens Shortsgiving
Disney Channel Hall of Villains 2019
Disney Channel Holidays Unwrapped 2020
Parker Plays
Player Select
Spin (DCOM #110)
The Worst Witch