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Disney+ Global Library Sizes

Disney Plus Library Sizes Globally

All streaming services libraries are NOT created equal. Portugal and Belgium are not doing so well. It’s crazy how superior Australia, Canada, and New Zealand’s libraries are to the rest of the world. We only added a handful of countries. Are there any other countries you’d like us to monitor? Let us know in the comments.

We will update this regularly.

We pull our numbers now from the Disney+ API instead of JustWatch so that they’re 100 percent accurate. However, we will continue to use JustWatch for Disney+ Hotstar totals. We also are unable to breakdown the totals into film, series, and shorts categories for Hotstar countries.

Last updated: October 22nd, 2021

Disney+ CountryTotal TitlesFilmsSeriesShortsNotes
India (Hotstar)3,416Contains HBO content and considerable local content as well as sports. Also the only country with Dave the Barbarian for some weird reason.
Australia2,0851,363539183The ultimate Disney+ experience.
New Zealand2,0841,363538183The ultimate Disney+ experience.
Canada2,0521,362517173The ultimate Disney+ experience.
Singapore1,9641,268512184Astonishing amount for one of the most recently launched countries
United Kingdom18591,224455180Struggles to receive Disney Channel library despite the channels shutting down
Finland1,7881,200425163Dropped 6 slots this month?!
France1,6391,067405167Has a terrible law which disallows any theatrically released film from streaming for 3 years. They are only now receiving 2018 films…
Belgium1,6151,1033731392nd smallest country library that includes STAR.
Portugal1,6011,099364138Smallest country library that includes STAR.
USA1,417842397178Worst library to population ratio. No content above age 14. Also has Hulu. Barely worth the money.
Indonesia (Hotstar)1,210Has exclusive Disney Channel content including Penn Zero and Jungle Junction… for some reason.
Columbia1,200757324119Also has Star+ (Additional ~700 titles)
Argentina1,200757322119Also has Star+ (Additional ~700 titles)
Mexico1,199757323119Also has Star+ (Additional ~700 titles)
Brazil1,165740309116Also has Star+ (Additional ~700 titles)
Malaysia (Hotstar)1,159

Thailand (Hotstar)1,093Has exclusive Disney Channel content including Penn Zero and Jungle Junction… for some reason.
Japan520Terrible library. Star brand tile and full launch October 27th will transform service! Despite all this country has The 7D which is unavailable in any other country.
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