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Drew Ryan

A deformed man  wearing a black maskDrew Ryan is a film, TV, and Disney geek. He has degrees in English, Student Personnel Administration, and Library & Information Science from Lawrence University, Concordia University-Wisconsin, and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Interested in the minutia and licensing of streaming service content, he is always publishing lists, suggestions, and advocating for Disney’s missing library to be added to Disney+. Drew subscribes to Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and Paramount+. You can find him waxing nostalgic over classic Disney Channel or geeking out over Marvel, CW shows, & Disney on Twitter.
Founder / Editor-in-ChiefTwitter – @DrewsClues

Gregory Bertrand

Gregory Bertrand is a film and television enthusiast. His degree in Early Childhood Education is from Saint Cloud State University and he’s currently teaching in a school. When he isn’t shaping young minds, he spends his time researching, analyzing, and documenting Walt Disney contractual obligations while streaming a slew of old and original content.
Assistant Editor Twitter – @GregBertrand1

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Team in Sprit

Some of the Disney legends that inspired this site.

Dove Cameron

Best known for her work with Disney Channel – Dove is something else. She played twins Liv & Maddie on a show, weirdly called Liv & Maddie. She also was in some DCOMS and is Mal the purple-haired daughter of Maleficent in Disney’s Descendants franchise. Now she’s Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls reboot coming to the CW maybe if the pilot reworking goes okay. Dove is incredibly deep, personal, and real through her social media which is what makes her an inspiration. We’ve also Twitter-spoke 3 times nbd.
ActorTwitter – @DoveCameron

Alan Menken

The majestic master behind the tunes we Millennials grew up on – Mr. Menken is a legend in every sense of the word. A few years ago he became one of the few EGOT winners – (awarded an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). If you’re ever hummed along to A Whole New World, Under the Sea, Tale as Old as Time, Colors of the Wind, I See the Light, or even Suddenly Seymour… you have him to thank for making it an earworm. Mr. Menken also did the tunes for Galavant. Whether collaborating with lyricists Glenn Slater, Howard Ashman, or Tim Rice – everything he makes is magic. Alan has liked some of my tweets before.
Composer Twitter – @AIMenken

Kevin Fiege

The Marvel cinematic Universe is the most successful franchise in the history of film. This man is responsible for much of this due to his meticulous planning. If Star Wars had been handled with this amount of love, care, and thought from the beginning, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau would not have been forced to save it. Everything Fiege touches turns to god. He champions diversity and challenges what it modern blockbusters or superhero films can be.
President of Marvel Studios Twitter – @KevFiege

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