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Missing National Geographic Library

Missing National Geographic Library on Disney+

Here are the currently airing National Geographic series and specials that need to get added to Disney+ in the USA. We use’s “recently added” section to keep track. This helps people visualize just how much content remains available on their website but not streamable. We hope to see the website-exclusive content dramatically reduced soon.

This page will be updated regularly and additional past library will be added over time. Please help us build this project in the comments! **This is USA only but should still help give people internationally an idea of what’s coming or what’s not**

Thanks to @infodisneystar and @MantaCrystal for help so far.

UPDATED: October 2, 2021

TitleLast AiredEpisodes BehindStreaming
Dr. Oakley’s Yukon Vet (Season 10)Airing2
Storm Rising (Season 1)Airing2
Life Below Zero (Seasons 17)Airing7
Life Below Zero: Next Generation (Season 3)Airing7
Lost Treasures of Egypt (Season 4)
(Season 3 also missing)
Vets on the Beach (Season 1)Airing11
Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (Season 8)Airing12
King Tut in Color (2021)September 28, 2021TV Special
Incredible Dr. Pol (Season 19)September 202110
Home Discovered (2021)September 2021Special
Wizard of PAWS (Season 2)July 202110
Bob Ballard: An Explorer’s Life (2021)June 2021October 29
Car SOS (Season 9)June 202110
Serpent’s SurpriseMay 17, 2021Special
Port Protection Alaska (Season 4)
(Seasons 1-2 also missing)
Mar 202110October 27 – All eps
Wild Life of Dr. Ole (Season 1)Mar 20218October 20 – All eps
Life Below Zero: Northern Territories (Season 1)Mar 20219
Atlas of Cursed Places (Season 1)Dec 29, 20205
Breakthrough: Virus FightersNov 2, 2020
Auto Masters (Season 1)Oct 20, 2020
Blood on the WallSept 30, 202010
Buried Secrets of WW2 (Season 1)Aug 19, 20206
Bin Laden’s Hard DriveAug 10, 2020TV Special
Borderforce USA (Seasons 1-2)May 20, 202020
The CaveJan 25, 2020
AKC Fastest Dogs USA2020
Asia’s Wild Secrets2020
Assignment: Inspiration2020TV Specials
Barkskins (Season 1)20208
Butt Heads: The Strange Story of Sheep2020
Ultimate Treasure Countdown
(Season 1)
The Breakthrough PrizeNov 3, 2019
New Zealand: Welcome and WonderOct 9, 2019TV Special
Armstrong TapesJuly 8, 2019TV Movie
Animal Fight Night (Seasons 1-6)May 17, 201948
1989: The Year that Made Us
(Season 1)
May 4, 20196
Barkfest (Seasons 1-5)Apr 27, 2019
Animal ER Live (Season 1)Apr 20, 20196
Hunt for the Giant SquidMar 22, 2019
Africa’s Deadliest (Seasons 1-5)Mar 1, 201921
Riddle of the Stone Age GiantsFeb 24, 2019
Bernie Madoff in His Own WordsFeb 17, 2019
Valley of the Boom (Season 1)Jan 27, 20196
Destination Wild (Season 1)Jan 6, 201978
Lost World of the Maya
9-11 Control the Skies2019
1989 The Year that Made the Modern World 2019
Activate the Global Citizen Movement20196
Australia’s Most Dangerous (Season 1)2019
Snake City (Seasons 1-6)201929
Wild Mongolia2019
Wild ArcticDec 23, 20183
Born in AfricaDec 21, 20183
24 Hours of RealityDec 20, 2018TV Movie
Becoming Immortal: How Susan Potter Will Live ForeverDec 13, 2018
Birth of a PrideDec 2, 2018
Untamed with Filipe DeAndrade
(Seasons 1-2)
Nov 30, 20189
Curiosity: Life of a Mars RoverNov 4, 2018
Wild Life With Bertie Gregory
(Seasons 1-2)
Oct 4, 20185
PupparazziSept 29, 20183
Wild South West (Season 1)Aug 8, 20185
The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms (Seasons 1-3)May 26, 20188
America the Beautiful: The Mighty NorthwestMay 25, 20185
America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Season 1)May 16, 20186
Alaska’s Deadliest (Season 1)Apr 12, 2018
Where Oceans CollideMar 23, 2018
After Hitler: The Untold Story Mar 27, 2018TV Special
Trackers (Season 1)Feb 3, 20183
Monster Fish (Seasons 1-7)Jan 21, 201851
Africa’s Wild Side (Season 1)2018
Americas Wild Frontier (Season 1)2018
Animal PD (Season 1)2018
Chain of Command (Season 1)2018
Clash of the Tigers2018
Extreme Soccer Russia2018
Fish My City20186
Secrets of the Space Station2018
Surgery Ship (Season 1)2018
Trials of the Wild (Season 1)201810
Lawless Oceans 20176
American Justice2017
Animals Gone Wild (Seasons 1-3)June 24, 201615
Animal Storm Squad (Season 1)Apr 8, 20165
The Yard2016
The Savage Line20146
Ice Holes20148
Secret Life of Predators20135
Chasing UFOs20128
The Lion Ranger20103
Is It Real? (Seasons 1-4)200629

Series And Specials Caught Up

We’ll only list series from the past 5 years – not specials or films.

TitleSeasons StreamingStreaming Date
Lost Cites: The Great Flood (2021)SpecialOctober 15, 2021
Megacity of the Mayan Warrior King (2021)SpecialOctober 15, 2021
Secrets of the Zoo: North Carolina Season 1October 13, 2021
Secrets of the Zoo: Down UnderSeasons 1-2October 13, 2021
IMPACT: With Gal GadotSeason 1October 6, 2021
Drain the OceansSeasons 1-4October 6, 2021
Great Barrier Reef Season 1September 29, 2021
The Hatcher Family DairySeason 1September 29, 2021
Dog ImpossibleSeasons 1-2September 22, 2021
Flooded Tombs of the Nile (2021)SpecialSeptember 17, 2021
Unknown Waters with Jeremy WadeSeason 1September 15, 2021
Cesar Milan Better Dog Better Human*Season 1September 1, 2021
Alaska Animal Rescue*Season 1September 1, 2021
Wicked TunaSeasons 1-10August 25, 2021
Dr. K’s Exotic Animal E.RSeasons 1-9August 25, 2021
Gordon Ramsay’s UnchartedSeasons 1-3August 6, 2021
AFV Animal EditionSeason 1August 4, 2021
Critter Fixers: Country VetsSeasons 1-2July 28, 2021
When Sharks AttackSeason 1-7July 16, 2021
Breaking Bobby BonesSeason 1July 2nd, 2021
Primal SurvivorSeasons 1-5April 16, 2021
Secrets of the Zoo Seasons 1-4
Returning for 5 2022
April 2, 2021
Brain GamesSeasons 1-8April 17, 2020
Heartland Docs, DVMSeasons 1-4January 25, 2020
Dr. T Lone Star VetSeason 1December 10, 2019
*Unless something goes wrong