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Upcoming Disney Channel & Junior Episode Batches

Disney Channel and Disney Junior Episode Batches

This page will be updated regularly and additional past library will be added over time. Please help us build this project in the comments!

**This is USA only but should still help give people internationally an idea of what’s coming or what’s not**

UPDATED: October 14th, 2021

TitleLast AiredEps MissingStreaming Date
Big City Greens (Season 3)Airing1
Mira Royal Detective (Season 2)Airing3
Gabby Duran & the Unsittables (Season 2)Airing3
Spidey & His Amazing Friends (Season 1)Airing1
Amphibia (Season 3)Airing3
Sydney to the Max (Season 3)Airing1
Disney’s Magic Bake-Off (Season 1)Airing3October 20 – 4 episodes
PJ Masks (Season 5)Airing7October 20 – 6 episodes
Gigantasaurus (Season 3)Airing 7
Dino Ranch (Season 2)Airing 5
Mickey Mouse Funhouse (Season 1)Airing5
TOTS (Season 3)Airing7
Chicken Squad (Season 1)Airing4They skipped 4…
Pikwik Pack (Season 1)Airing13(Licensed to Hulu)
Bunk’d (Season 5)August5 Seasons(Licensed to Netflix)
Calling All TOTS (Season 2)June6
Playtime With Puppy Dog Pals (Season 2)January8
Sofia the First20183 Seasons(Licensed to Netflix)
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero20172 seasonsStreaming in Indonesia and Thailand?!
Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything20172 seasonsAvailable on all VOD sources
The 7D20162 seasonsLeaving Japan October 27!
Motorcity20131 seasonAvailable on all VOD sources
Aaron Stone20102 seasons
I’m in the Band20092 seasonsAvailable on all VOD sources
Cory in the House20082 seasonsAvailable on iTunes to buy
JoJo’s Circus20073 seasons
Johnny and the Sprites20071 seasonAvailable on iTunes to buy
Buzz on Maggie20061 season
Brandy and Mr Whiskers20062 seasons
Bear in the Big Blue House20064 seasons
Dave the Barbarian20051 seasonStreaming in India…?!
The Jersey20043 seasons
Stanley20041 season
Honey I Shrunk the Kids20003 seasons Available on all VOD sources
Dumbo’s Circus19861 season
Welcome to Pooh Corner19841 season

Caught Up

The Owl House (Season 2)Episodes 1-10
Miraculous Ladybug (Season 4)Episodes 1-13
Vampirina (Season 3)Concluded
Bluey (Season 2)Renewed
Raven’s Home (Season 4)Renewed
Fancy Nancy (Season 2)Concluded
Mickey’s Mixed Up Adventures (Season 1)Concluded
Ghost of Molly McGee (Season 1)Ahead by 2 episodes
Muppet Babies (Season 3)Episodes 1-24
Puppy Dog Pals (Season 4)Episodes 1-14